We specialize in 100% natural granite and marble split stone tiles. These tiles are 100% up-cycled SOLID Granite and Marble!

Natural stone, nothing is more beautiful or more durable. For centuries natural stone has been used to lay foundations, construct buildings—including the pyramids—build fences, cover floors and much more. In more recent times, natural stone, especially granite and marble have become the material of choice for numerous applications in the home and office environment, especially for countertops. Both new construction and remodeling projects turn to natural stone for it timeless beauty and strength.

Granite, with its multitude of colors and interesting texture, enhances any medium that it is installed with. Whether your beautiful split-face granite is adjacent to glass or porcelain or natural materials like polished rocks or wood, the depth of color in your hand-cut split-face granite tiles enhances and showcases their beauty.

However, all those projects using granite and marble have created a problem...waste! Tons of granite and marble scraps are going into landfills each year. Natural Valley Recycled Granite is here to change all of that. Our 100 percent natural granite and marble split stone tiles are made from the scraps that have traditionally ended up in the landfill.

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See recycled granite on DIY Network’s “Bath Crashers”

The “Granite Getaway” episode began airing November 2, 2014 and features a curved wall with our granite tiles installed soldier style. Click here for the complete schedule of when it will air.
The “
Grotto Shower” episode of DIY’s Bath Crashers began airing September, 2013 and features a feature wall of beaches blend on the tub wall. Click here for the complete schedule of when it will air.
The “
Granite Suite” episode of DIY’s Bath Crashers first aired on April 15, 2013 and features a large jetted tub wrapped with a recycled granite surround as well as a focal wall of recycled granite. Click here for the complete re-air schedule.
Would You Like A Massage With That” first aired October 28, 2013. Click here for the complete re-air schedule.

See recycled granite on DIY Network’s “Blog Cabin”

”Mega Dens is Bringing the Funk to F-L-A and Blog Cabin 2014” Our product was featured on the Blog Cabin 2014 fireplace in this Winter Haven, Florida giveaway home. Click here for the complete schedule of when it will air.

See recycled granite on DIY Network’s “I Want That”

Our recycled granite tiles are featured on the “Benchmark Table” episode of “I Want That.” First shown on Nov. 21, 2012, the program continues to re-air. Click here for the complete schedule of when it will air. Our product was featured in the “SKLZ-AIR Station” episode of “I Want That.” Click here for the complete re-air schedule.

See recycled granite on FOX’s “Fix it and Finish it”

Our recycled granite pavers and fire pit are featured on Fox TV’s “Fix it and Finish It: Double the Fun.Click here to watch the reveal!

Beaches Blend
Featured Stone:
Fireplace using Beaches Blend
Beaches Blend is exactly what you might picture when you take a trip to the shore... a combination of creams, browns, greys, with a little bit of black, red, orange and gold mixed in for good measure.
This blend looks amazing in today's kitchens with deep tone cabinets. And, because it is made of off-cuts and remnants of Santa Cecilia, Venetian Gold and New Venetian Gold (and other of today's most popular granites) it is the perfect choice for many kitchen and bath renovation projects.

Third in a series of “How to Install Recycled Granite Tiles”. This video focuses on options for outside corners including our custom corner pieces. Visit our
YouTube channel to see additional videos.


Natural Valley Recycled Granite — we take what looks like rubble and create something that looks simply remarkable!

Natural Valley Recycled Granite sources and manufactures its materials locally. This helps reduce transportation costs in addition to reducing scrap stone in our Indiana landfills. Additionally, in keeping with the green building movement, Natural Valley Recycled Granite may qualify for LEED® points, helping you come that much closer to qualifying as a green build.

Natural Valley Recycled Granite

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