As you can see the project turned out great.  We use the fireplace nightly and just love it.  We get many compliments from visitors.  I used an enhancer to help bring out some of the colors better in the granite... and used it heavy on the arch above the doors to match the hearthstone.  Thanks for your help with this project.  Although it took a while, it was definitely worth it.

Best Regards,
Mark Gidley

I just wanted to send you all a "Thank You" for all your help with helping me pick the exact granite split stone pieces for our backspalsh.  I know I was pretty "fussy" about wanting the granite backsplash to blend with our Picasso Granite countertop and not want it to "take away from" our granite countertop or for it to be to "busy".  Well,  it is completed and we think it is just Breathtakingly Beautiful!  We could not be happier with our decision to go with the Split Stone Granite for our backsplash or with the Granite Split Stone (stone colors) we chose.
We couldn't believe how easy it was to install.  We are thrilled that we were able to: 
1. Have 100% authentic granite for our backsplash
2. Pick exactly the stone colors that best matched (in our case "blended") with our granite countertop
3. Help the environment, since all these split stones are made (cut) from leftover pieces of slabs of granite used to make countertops in which otherwise would have gone to our landfills
4. Have a backsplash that is unique and one of a kind.  No one else will ever have a backsplash exactly like ours, even if the same granite stones are used (and we know each granite slab is one of a kind, there are know two identical anyway)!!
5. The PRICE! Wow unbelievable, you can't go to your local huge Home Improvement Store and pay less for the average run of the mill, "everyone including their brother" has this tile/stone in their home as backsplash or flooring price!  And you all are selling 100% authentic granite for around and even below their prices, it is easier to install, less mess, the few pieces that needed cut, you cut the same way as with any other tile or stone, and NO grouting!
Can you tell we are ecstatic, lol!
Everyone that comes into our home literally takes a step back, gasps and then proceeds to tell us how beautiful it looks!  Then they ask where we came up with the idea, who did we find to install it, was it really expensive, I bet that was expensive! (lets be honest.......it looks expensive and "high end").  Our newly renovated kitchen turned out beautiful (I think anyway) but after installing the Split Stone Granite as our backsplash,  I have to say again, Our kitchen is Breathtakingly Beautiful now, it just gave our kitchen that added Wow and of course the finishing touch (we still need to install the crown moulding around upper cabinets and the light rail around bottom of upper cabinets, but I do not think those two items will make our kitchen a more "Wow" kitchen)! Thank you all so very much!
J. Miller, Indiana
We love how our kitchen turned out and can't wait to start our bathroom project!!

Rachel Ganzel

I wanted to thank you for providing a product and service that has transformed my fireplace from a traditional run-of–the mill look to a gorgeous center piece.
I first found out about recycled granite through your web site as I was searching for alternative solutions for renovating my fireplace. I browsed through several decorating books and web sites but nothing compared to what I saw on your web site.
I ordered a sample kit and much to my surprise, as impressive as the pictures were on your site they didn’t do justice of how the stones actually shimmer.
When I spoke to you when ordering the stone you were very helpful on preparing me for the installation and getting the color variation for the look I was going for. When the stone arrived I was impressed by how meticulous each box was packaged and bubble wrapped and separated by color (which made the installation easier).
The project is now complete and I have yet to have a visitor who hasn’t commented on how great my fireplace looks. Thanks again for your professionalism in doing business and providing the solution I was seeking but didn’t know existed!


Kent C. Floyd
Charleston, SC.